Lega Volley Summer Tour 2016 with XS Power Drink

Cervia - Lega Volley Summer Tour 2016 with XS Power Drink

sabato 9.7.2016
Di 15:00
domenica 10.7.2016
Fino 18:00
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We're are glad to announce that XS Power Drink is a Gold Sponsor for the second time in a row of Lega Volley Summer Tour in Italy!

Join us at the first sport event of the tournament that takes place in Cervia!

· is the official beach volleyball tournament (4vs4) of the
female Italian volleyball league. Teams are formed by professional athletes of the Italian leagues.
· The tour consists of four stops in Italy.
· Each event takes place on Saturday and Sunday.
· The event is a perfect mix of sport, music and entertainment with the tournament including some of the most important trophies of the year: SUPER COPPA, COPPA ITALIA, ALLSTAR GAME and CAMPIONATO

Can't wait to see you there!
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