102nd LCICon Milan Italy

Milan - 102nd LCICon Milan Italy

venerdì 5.7.2019
Di 8:00
martedì 9.7.2019
Fino 17:00
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706 Partecipante
This forward looking, modern, cosmopolitan city is the second largest in Italy. Milan is home of Italy’s most important business organizations and is known as a vital European financial centre. This city is the capital of fashion, design and creativity. The city of Milan dates back to the Roman era. Milan was also a center of activity during the Renaissance. Milan boasts cultural gems such as Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, the Duomo Cathedral, the La Scala Opera House and Castello Sforzesco. Come participate in the 102nd International Convention and enjoy what Milan has to offer; delicious food, rich history and high-end fashion.
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