Black Stax - The Yellow Bar

The Yellow Bar - Black Stax - The Yellow Bar

The Yellow Bar
martedì 3.12.2019
Di 22:30
mercoledì 4.12.2019
Fino 4:00
The Yellow Bar
ITRoma40 Via Palestro00185
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The Yellow Bar presents :22:30 - 00.30 : BLACK STAX (USA)Black Stax’s sound is like Miles Davis, Etta James and Langston Hughes adapted for savvy, hip-hop and neo-soul listeners. By any standard, their music is not ordinary and nothing is dumbed-down or gimmicky. It is smart music; every word carefully chosen and every song carries a message of social justice and community upliftment. Fans appreciate their eclectic, urban sound laced with jazz and 70s-era soul, which provides life’s soundtrack to the sophisticated connoisseur. A collaboration that works, Black Stax successfully blends and bends the musical genres of blues, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.22:30 - 03:00 >> Yellow Bar free access until the capacity is reached. It's requested to be a member of the Facebook Yellow Square Club group (except if you are a guest of the Hostel). Being a member does not give you the right to enter, if the Bar is full. Priority is given to the guests of the : DJ SET BY VILLANISFrom midnight to 3 am >> The Arcade Club - Private Party exclusive access reserved for bracelet owners and other guests up to the capacity. Our guests can enter anytime.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Il Yellow Bar presenta:22:30 - 00.30 : BLACK STAX (USA)Concerto22.30 - 03:00 >> Yellow Bar accesso libero fino al raggiungimento della capienza del locale per i membri del gruppo Facebook Yellow Square Club con precedenza ai prenotati. L'appartenenza al gruppo non garantisce l'accesso al Bar se il locale ha raggiunto la sua capacità lo spettacolo: DJ SET BY VILLANIS
Da mezzanotte alle 3 >> Arcade Club - Festa Privata accesso esclusivo riservato ai possessori di bracciale YellowSquare e agli altri invitati fino al raggiungimento della massima capacità del club.
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